2020/October - Latest news from KCE Trials

BeNeFIT-2 call is now open

KCE and ZonMw jointly launch a second call for the research community to submit clinical trial proposals. The available budget is 9 million euro. The deadline for submission of a research outline is 14 January 2021, 14.00h. 

In clinical practice, many treatments have not been thoroughly evaluated, making it unclear whether a patient benefits from a particular treatment, or which treatment is actually preferable. Evaluation of clinical practice is relevant to health care stakeholders in Belgium and the Netherlands and by working together, clinical evaluation trials can be carried out more quickly and efficiently. 

The aim of the BeNeFIT (Belgium-Netherlands Funding of International Trials) program is to provide funding for non-commercial practice-oriented research that is immediately relevant to patients, caregivers and policymakers in Belgium and the Netherlands and is conducted in collaboration by research institutions from both countries. 

The 5 first clinical trials funded in BeNeFIT-1 are starting to recruit patients. 
Progress in studies

We are happy to announce the following important milestone has been reached:

  • FPI (First Patient In) for the GonoScreen study, a study to assess if we should be screening men who have sex with men (MSM) for gonorrhoea and chlamydia if they do not have any symptoms. The study will recruit 1014 participants in 5 centres in Belgium. 
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