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KCE Trials 2021 investigator-led call on comparative effectiveness studies

On 18th May 2021, a sixth KCE Trials national call for proposals on comparative effectiveness studies will open. For full information, including inclusion and exclusion, as well as selection and prioritisation criteria, please visit our website here.


The call will open on 18th May 2021. Submissions should be done via the KCE Trials research management platform (https://kce.smartsimple.ie/).

The deadline for submission is 14th September 2021, 13:00.

A strengthening Workshop for interested applicants is planned, split over 2 dates – 7th and 10th June, 15:00 – 17:00

To receive more information on the scope of the call and specificities of the KCE Trials Programme, all potential applicants are invited to participate to these (optional) afternoon workshops. Workshops will combine sessions on scientific and practical aspects of proposal development, and tips and tricks to pre-empt the most frequent comments from the Trials Board methodological review. There will be ample time for Q&A however please note that the focus is not on individual feedback on a specific proposal. 

The draft agenda of the strengthening workshop can be found here. Registration in advance, by sending an email to trials”at”kce.fgov.be, is mandatory before Wednesday 2nd June 2021. 


For more information, please contact trials”at”kce.fgov.be

Footnote: No rights can be derived from this prior notice. The final call text and the conditions and criteria set forth therein will prevail.

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