International collaboration

KCE has excellent relationships with other scientific institutions conducting similar research in other countries such as NICE (United Kingdom), ZIN (the Netherlands), HAS (France), IQWIG (Germany) and the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (Norway).

The distribution of Health technology Assessment, Health Services Research and guideline tasks over a single or multiple institutes varies by country or even region. KCE is rather unique as it combines all three types of projects plus since 2015 the funding of clinical trials.

Due to its reputation for scientific rigor, KCE receives many requests to participate in international working groups. Therefore, KCE is an active member of several international networks:


The Clinical Research Initiative for Global Health (CRIGH) is an international structure that supports clinical research. It aims to optimise research programs from the participating countries, draft international standards in clinical research and promote the use of innovative methods and technologies in clinical research. The secretariat is provided by ECRIN, in collaboration with the National Institute of Health (NIH). WHO and OECD are observers.

Involvement of KCE: KCE Trials is a member of CRIGH and co-lead for the comparative effectiveness work package. 

ecrinECRIN is an international network of European scientists involved in clinical research. It aims to promote multicentric transnational research by providing researchers with support and tools for conducting research at multinational level.

Involvement of KCE: Belgium is not (yet) a member of ECRIN but the KCE Trials programme has regular contacts with the ECRIN structure and its members in the context of international collaboration.

logo EUnetHTAEUnetHTA is the European network for Health Technology Assessment with more than 30 member states participating. The overall objective of the network is to bring together (national or regional) HTA agencies, research institutes and policy makers and to establish a collaboration at European level.
Involvement of KCE: KCE has been active in EUnetHTA since 2006 and is currently the "Co Lead Partner" of Work Package 6, the "Quality Management System". KCE is involved in the production of methodological documents and the joint development of HTA reports.

European ObservatoryThe European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies supports evidence-based health policy by extensively studying the dynamics of European health systems. It is responsible for the HiT reports, which describe the health system of each country in detail.

The partners of the Observatory: the Regional office of the WHO (World Health Organisation), the Belgian, Finnish, Norwegian, Slovenian, Spanish and Swedish governments and the government of the Venice Region (Italy), the European Investment Bank (EIB), the World Bank, the
London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM).
Involvement of KCE: Since 2010, KCE is responsible for updating the HiT report on the Belgian health care system: The health systems and policy monitor : Belgium

logo GINGuidelines International Network (GIN) is an international non-for-profit organisation that brings together organisations and individuals involved in the development of clinical guidelines. GIN aims to improve the quality of care by encouraging the development and implementation of systematic guidelines at the international level.

Involvement of KCE: KCE is a member of GIN. A number of KCE experts participate in methodological workgroups.

logo HTAIHTAi is the global scientific and professional organisation for HTA (Health Technology Assessment). It is a neutral forum that unites researchers, research institutions, policy makers, industry representatives, academics, healthcare providers, representatives of patients and consumers and other stakeholders from 65 countries and 5 continents.

Involvement of KCE: A number of KCE experts participate in workgroups and trainings (e.g. the Patient and Citizen Involvement Group).

logo INAHTAINAHTA, the International Network of Agencies for Health Technology Assessment offers its members a forum to identify common interests in the evaluation of health technologies. The aim is to establish cooperation between agencies and to share and compare research information to avoid duplication of work.
Involvement of KCE: KCE is a member of INAHTA since 2004. A number of KCE experts regularly participate in INAHTA working groups (HTA database, Position statement on patient involvement).

prefer_logoPREFER is part of the IMI (Innovative Medicines Initiative) that brings together the academic world, the biopharmaceutical industry, patient organisations, HTA agencies (including KCE), regulators payers and SMEs. PREFER aims to develop a method that takes into account the patient's position and preference in the development of new drugs.

Involvement of KCE: KCE coordinates the HTA & Payers’ Advisory Group and communication with HTA agencies. He also participates, as a researcher, in all the working groups and co-chairs the one on recommendations.

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