What is KCE?

KCE is an independent research centre that provides scientific advice on topics related to health care. The topics are generally asked for by the public authorities (Minister / Ministry of Public Health, NIHDI), universities, professional associations, etc.

The KCE activities encompass five areas of expertise: Health Services Research (HSR): the organisation and financing of health care in the broadest sense Health Technology Assessment (HTA): the evaluation of medical technologies  Evidence-based Practice (EBP): the production of clinical practice guidelines adapted to the new scientific developments and participation in the Belgian network of Evidence-Based Practice KCE Trials programme: the coordination of the Belgian non-commercial clinical research programme

The idea of the creation of a knowledge centre originated from 2002, in the cabinet of Frank Vandenbroucke, the then Minister of Social Affairs and Pensions. KCE was established in 2003 and published its first reports in 2004. Similar institutions have existed for many years in most industrialised countries such as the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) in the United Kingdom, the Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS) in France or the Zorginstituut Nederland in the Netherlands.

  • Marijke EYSSEN, General director a.i.
  • Christophe JANSSENS, Deputy general director a.i.

The KCE is a Type B parastatal body funded by the federal government. Its annual budget is about € 10 million, of which 78% comes from the NIHDI and 22% from the Ministry of Health and Social Security. An additional € 10 million is to be added for the KCE Trials programme, which is fully funded by NIHDI. Some specific European subsidies cover KCE's participation in international research networks and projects. You can view our balance sheets and income statements in our annual reports.  

Our board of directors (hereinafter, the “Board”), consists of representatives of public bodies active in healthcare, patient associations and health insurance. The composition is balanced and it plays a key role in scrutinising our neutrality and safeguarding our independence. 

The healthcare domain is very complex. There is no scientific training that comprises all of its numerous aspects. That is why at KCE we have opted for a truly multi-disciplinary approach. No research is conducted by a single researcher; on the contrary, each research question is examined from a medical, economic, social, legal and/or ethical perspective, depending on the needs. This is highly appreciated, both by the end users of the study results and by the researchers themselves. Our experts can be divided into several categories:

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