Call for proposals, selection and ranking procedures for health problems to be studied in the context of the law “Right to be forgotten”

People suffering from a chronic condition or that have received a cancer diagnosis are potentially at a higher risk of premature death. Therefore, they could encounter difficulties when wanting to obtain life insurance and/or obtain a mortgage and become a property owner.

The law of April 4th 2019 grants « the right to be forgotten » with regard to certain insurance policies. The right to be forgotten permits people who have been free of cancer for at least 10 years, to obtain life insurance without additional premiums to be paid associated with their respective medical history. The same law also permits to shorten the period of 10 years for certain diseases (cancerous or chronic) as mentioned in reference tables (Royal Decree of May 26th 2019, attachment to the legal text). The KCE reviews and revises these reference tables bi-annually taking into account medical advancements and available scientific data and informs the “Bureau du suivi de la tarification”/”Opvolgingsbureau voor de tarifering” of any proposed changes.

The KCE work program « right to be forgotten » already consists of the topics of invasive breast cancer and type 1 diabetes. To add to these, the KCE launches a call for topics on other health problems warranting investigation. Any person or association that is associated or involved with cancer or chronic illness (citizen, health professional, patient or consumer organization, policy maker, etc.) is invited to submit a topic proposal.

The call for study topics can be either for new pathologies warranting investigation or proposals to revise the eligibility criteria of pathologies already included in the reference tables.

Proposals can be submitted from December 2nd 2020 via the online form (in Dutch or in French) available on the KCE website. The completed form (either in French, Dutch or German) must be submitted by January 22nd 2021 at midnight the latest (

All submitted proposals will be evaluated by a KCE jury and assessed based on pre-established criteria with the aim to select the most relevant topic proposals. The selection criteria can be found below.

For every selected proposal, the KCE will evaluate whether the health problem can be included in the reference tables, and according to which conditions (stage of the disease, age criteria…).

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