Future calls

KCE Trials 2021 investigator-led call

On 18th May 2021, the sixth KCE Trials national call for proposals on comparative effectiveness studies will open.

KCE Trials 2020 Fast-track rolling call for clinical studies on COVID-19

The tentative closing date of this call has been postponed to 15th April, 2021

BeNeFIT 2020: Second BeNeFIT call for comparative effectiveness studies

In July 2020 the Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre (KCE) and The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development (ZonMw) agreed to invest 9...

Funding opportunities 2017

KCE TRIALS 2017 INVESTIGATOR-LED CALL KCE Trials is a programme  of publicly funded pragmatic practice-oriented clinical trials.

Funding opportunities 2016

2016 Call (Commissioned workstream)

BeNeFIT 2018

First BeNeFIT call for comparative effectiveness studies

KCE Trials 2018 Investigator-led call

Important information The online submission platform is now available for submissions. Please follow the link:

KCE Trials 2020 investigator-led call

Important information This call is now closed for submissions. Please follow the link:

What are calls for proposals?

The first step in starting trials within the KCE Trials programme is identifying research questions that are important for the quality and efficiency of the Belgian health care system. To do so, calls for proposals are advertised regularly to give the opportunity to the stakeholders of the Belgian health care system to suggest possible research questions for the KCE Trials programme. Calls for proposals are posted on the KCE Trials website and fall within one of the three different workstreams.