Our board of directors

Our board of directors (hereinafter, the “Board”), consists of representatives of public bodies active in healthcare, patient associations and health insurance. The composition is balanced and it plays a key role in scrutinising our neutrality and safeguarding our independence. 

At each Board meeting new reports are presented. The scientific content is in principle not subject to modification, except on the basis of quantifiable methodological arguments. The political recommendations, based upon the scientific work, are discussed, sometimes nuanced, and approved by a simple majority, when voting turns out to be necessary.

Finally, KCE is legally obliged to publish all of its results within one month of their approval by the Board, which is an additional guarantee for our transparency.


  Members Substitutes


Gillet Pierre  

Assigned by the Minister of Public Health

Mores Benoit
Walraevens Mieke
Vandewoude Koen
Avontroodt Yolande

Assigned by the Minister of Social Affairs

Winnen Bert
Facon Pedro
Pirson Magali
Ramaekers Dirk

President of the Ministry of Public Health

Auwers Tom Facon Pedro

President of the Ministry of Social Security

Samyn Peter Vleminckx Koen

General Manager of the National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance (RIZIV/INAMI)

De Cock Jo Collin Benoît

General Manager of the Federal Agency for Medicinal and Health Products (FAGG/AFMPS)

De Cuyper Xavier Musch Greet       

Representatives of the Intermutualist Agency (IMA)

Derroitte Elise
Verertbruggen Patrick
Ceuppens Ann
De Smet Frank
Laasman Jean-Marc
Messiaen Geert

Representatives of the Council of Ministers

Godin Jean-Noël
van Sloten Fabienne
Beugnier Natacha
Vanhullebus Sarah

Representatives of the association of hospitals

Praet Jean-Claude
Geboers Marc
Happe Christophe
Vansteenkiste Nancy

Representatives of the physician’s professional organisations

Moens Marc
De Munck Paul
Van de Vloed Olga
Van Pottelbergh Gijs

Representatives of the social partners

De Gauquier Kristel
Panneels Anne
Thirion Mélissa
El Otmani Youssef

Representatives of the nurses’ professional organisations

de Wandeler Ellen
Fortemps Martin
Meyers Ludo
Thonon Olivier

Representatives of the patients

Wermeester Stéphanie
Weeghmans Ilse
Cantelli Fabrizio
Sanctorum Katlijn

Representative of the Chamber of Representatives

Depoorter Kathleen  


Robert Patrick

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