Missions and values

KCE is an independent research centre that provides scientific advice on topics related to health care. The topics are generally asked for by the public authorities (Minister / Ministry of Public Health, NIHDI), universities, professional associations, etc.

KCE’s mission is to advise policymakers on decisions relating to health care and health insurance on the basis of scientific and objective research. It is expected to identify and shed light on the best possible solutions, in the context of an accessible, high-quality health care system with due regard for growing demand and budgetary constraints.

However, this is where the remit of KCE stops. It is an advisory body and is not involved in the decision-making or implementation process, even if its recommendations are ultimately adjusted by decision-makers.  

The KCE is a type B parastatal body. This status guarantees great independence from the subsidiary powers (essentially the federal authorities).

What does « KCE » mean?

The Belgian Healthcare Knowledge Centre has chosen the acronym KCE as it is an abbreviation of the names Kenniscentrum (Dutch) - Centre d’Expertise (French).


We want to be:

  • Independent
  • Rigourous
  • Transparent

In order to defend

  • Quality
  • Accessibility
  • Sustainability
  • And patient-centeredness of healthcare
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