Optimisation of RIZIV – INAMI lump sums for incontinence

Icone 304

KCE Reports 304 (2018)

It is estimated that nearly 400,000 people in our country suffer from incontinence of varying degrees. Approximately one-quarter of these persons receive an annual lump sum from INAMI, based on certain conditions. We have analysed the procedures for allocating these lump sums and have drafted recommendations in order to better adapt them to the needs and optimise their accessibility.

However, the professionals surveyed as part of this study also highlighted that too few people take an active treatment approach, and this may be promoted by the lump sums, which instead encourage the purchase of incontinence undergarments. However, there are various relatively effective measures for prevention and treatment of most forms of incontinence. We thus recommend better information for patients and healthcare professionals on the subject of existing treatments and encouraging the use of these treatments – where possible – before resigning oneself to the use of absorbent protection.

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