Presentation and language of reports

Each KCE report is published on our website within one month of approval by the Board of Directors.
For each report, a separate, specific page is created. Depending on the level of interest, the reader can choose between different options:

  • The scientific report with the full description of the research, the methodological details and the results. This report is always written in English because it is the language of the scientific world (Belgian and international) and the working language of our research teams, which are often language-mixed.
  • Sometimes a short report is provided, also in English, with a summary of the research work and a discussion of the results.
  • A synthesis of 20 to 30 pages summarising the context of the study, the essence of the results and the policy recommendations in a clear and fluent language. The synthesis is intended for every interested reader, but certainly for the caregivers and the relevant policy makers. Therefore it is drawn up in Dutch and French
  • A press release, a text of two pages, primarily intended for journalists, but also useful as a quick introduction to the topic. This text is available in Dutch and French.
  • A video of a few minutes, when the subject can appeal to a large audience. In this video, the authors of the study explain in a clear and accessible language the broad lines of their findings.
  • Sometimes you will also find infographics, Power Point presentations, ...
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