Study 2015-17 (HSR) An integrated model for antenatal care in Belgium: qualitative part

Tenders submission deadline: 22/03/2018

This tender is part of a larger KCE study regarding the organisation of antenatal care in Belgium.

The subcontracted part of the study aims at investigating the expectations and preferences of health care professionals and (future) parents regarding antenatal care, with special attention to equity and accessibility of care.

The study comprises the following:

  • 4 focus groups or nominal groups (1 with French speaking midwives, 1 with Dutch speaking midwives, 1 with French speaking obstetricians and 1 with Dutch speaking obstetricians).
  • 22 semi-structured face-to-face in-depth interviews with 2 expert centres (in Flanders), 6 hospitals with short stay after childbirth (2 in Flanders, 2 in Brussels, 2 in Wallonia), 5 independent midwives (2 Dutch speaking, 3 French speaking with 1 from Brussels), 3 organisations targeting vulnerable parents (1 in Flanders, 1 in Brussels, 1 in Wallonia), 4 sickness funds (2 Dutch speaking, 2 French speaking), a representative of ONE and of Kind & Gezin.
  • 24 semi-structured face-to-face in-depth interviews with (future) parents (12 in Dutch, 12 in French).

The subcontractor needs to have competences in qualitative research methods, particularly in-depth interviews, focus groups or nominal groups, by preference in the area of health care, and needs to be perfectly bilingual (French and Dutch) to be able to interpret all nuances provided by interviewees.

The project will begin at 17 May 2018. The interview guides will be designed together with KCE researchers. The subcontractor will recruit participants together with KCE researchers and will be responsible for the scheduling and execution of the focus groups (or nominal groups) and interviews. All interviews (including the focus groups/nominal groups) need to be transcribed literally. Transcripts should be available by 17 July 2018. 

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