Study 2018-10 (HSR) Detection and actions in case of elderly abuse suspicion

Ongoing study - Elder abuse is a widespread problem in our country and around the world, but it often remains under- or undetected. The first prevention is information towards both the general public – and especially the elderly themselves – and the formal and informal caregivers. But health and social care professionals also need tools adapted to their practice in order to better detect and manage the problem. Several actions have already been carried out in Belgium, specific services have been set up by communities and regions, and some health care settings already use specific tools, but an action plan integrating these initiatives is still lacking.

This research project plans to collect data on good practices in Belgium and abroad, with a focus on prevention and early detection, and to analyze the opinion of Belgian stakeholders and experts on the needs and the possible hurdles to their implementation. Finally, recommendations adapted to the Belgian context will be proposed.

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