Study 2018-50 (HSR) Operationalisation of processes and governance structures for the federal EBP Programme

Ongoing study - At present, the Belgian Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) landscape is scattered over a broad range of actors and stakeholders. In 2016, the Minister of Public Health presented a conceptual note to KCE, with the request to develop an overall governance plan to coordinate all EBP processes and groups, covering and governing all existing EBP activities under federal competencies. This EBP Programme should improve the uptake and use of EBP by all primary health care professionals in Belgium.

The current project builds on the EBP Plan developed by KCE, as approved by the Minister of Public Health. The first step of this project is to identify - and develop or refine - all processes, procedures, responsibilities and roles for all partners and structures in the EBP Programme, in terms of prioritisation, development, validation, dissemination, and implementation of guidelines or EBP products, as well as evaluation, policymaking, management and feedback of the EBP Programme. Existing EBP partners, representatives from government and administration, health care professionals as well as patients will be involved in this process. The second step will be the initiation and operationalisation of all these structures and processes.

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