Study 2018-72 (Method) Patient involvement in policy-preparing healthcare research

Ongoing study - There is an international trend to involve patients more actively in the scoping and design of policy-preparing research in healthcare, to ensure that patient perspectives are appropriately addressed and taken into account in the research.

The study aims to define methods and strategies to involve patients in policy-preparing healthcare research, such as HTA, HSR and KCE Trials, in order to improve the relevance of the research questions (e.g. by helping to define the problem from the patient's point of view, the relevant outcomes, the needs that should be met by any new treatment or organisational structure), improve the acceptability of the policy recommendations, and enrich the decision-making process.

The report will address when to involve patients in policy-preparing research projects, for what purpose and how. Experiences with patient involvement in research in Belgium will also be described in a non-exhaustive manner.

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