Study 2019-15 (HSR) Outstanding balance insurance for patients with chronic illnesses: evaluation and adaptation of reference grids

Ongoing study - Individuals who have suffered from cancer in the past or who are suffering from a chronic condition on an ongoing basis are at increased health risk. For this reason, these people have great difficulty in obtaining death insurance coverage (outstanding balance insurance) and thereby benefiting from a mortgage loan and becoming a property owner. 

Since 2006, France has taken steps to facilitate access to outstanding balance insurance and to make it more affordable for people with an aggravated health risk. Belgium has drawn inspiration from the French work and published the law of 4 April 2019 introducing a right to oblivion for certain personal insurances. The "right to oblivion" will give people who have been declared cured of their cancerous pathology for 10 years the opportunity to take out insurance without extra premium because of this pathology.

The law of 4 April 2019 also allows the introduction of reduced waiting periods for certain specific pathologies (cancerous or chronic) listed in two reference grids (Royal Decree of 26 May 2019 which completes the legal text). This law provides that the KCE will reassess the reference grids every two years, according to medical progress and available scientific data relating to the cancerous or chronic pathologies mentioned in the legal text. Subsequently, the KCE will communicate its proposal for the adaptation of the reference grids to the Bureau for the Monitoring of Pricing.

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