Study 2019-18 (HSR) Health Care System Performance - Equity in Health Care Use and Financing

Ongoing Study - At regular intervals, the KCE analyses the performance of the Belgian health system on the basis of around 100 indicators (Health System Performance Assessment - HSPA). These previous analyses have highlighted inequalities in the use and financing of care for a subset of indicators. 

Some inequalities in the use of care can be justified and should not be considered problematic. An example is differences in the use of care according to medical needs. However, other inequalities, such as those based on income or education level, may be considered unfair. 

There is an almost general consensus that the financial burden of care utilization should not fall disproportionately on those who are ill. Our analysis of equity in the financing of care starts from this starting point to examine the redistributive impact of health care financing on the one hand, and the risk of catastrophic and impoverishing spending on care on the other.

The research will rely on individual and household information provided by the health insurance funds, the SILC survey on income and living conditions, the household budget survey and the Crossroads Bank for Social Security.

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