Study 2019-19 (HSR) Health System Performance Assessment (HSPA): the preparedness of the health system to face shocks, as part of the resilience assessment of the system

Ongoing studie - Health System Performance Assessment (HSPA) is a process aiming to assess the health system holistically, a ‘health check’ based on measurable indicators. 
In Belgium, four comprehensive HSPA reports have been published so far (2009, 2012, 2015 and 2019). The initial conceptual framework for Belgian HSPA grouped indicators into four dimensions; quality, accessibility, efficiency, and sustainability. Equity, a fifth dimension that is transversal, has been evaluated since the 2012 Report. 
The current report proposes to analyse a sixth dimension, i.e. the preparedness of the system in terms of resilience, based on tools and methodologies developed by the European Commission Expert Group on HSPA.

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