Study 2020-05 (HSR) Health System Performance Assessment for chronic patients

Ongoing study - The Observatory for Chronic Diseases asked KCE to perform a monitoring of the performance of health system for chronic diseases. Indeed, with the increasing life expectancy and the major scientific breakthroughs in medicine, people suffering from chronic diseases have more chances of surviving and living a long time with their disease. This phenomenon has an impact on healthcare systems and on the society as a whole.

This monitoring is part of the overall evaluation of the performance of our health system (Health System Performance Assessment - HSPA). This is a kind of holistic "health check" of the system, based on measurable indicators. Typically, it takes four to five years for a new HSPA to be released (the last HSPA was published in 2019), mainly because it is a long-term effort where data collection, indicator updating and coordination of all stakeholders is a real challenge. More regular updating of some indicators would not always be informative because it would not allow changes to be observed. However, some indicators can be updated more regularly and others deserve to be developed for more in-depth analysis of certain health areas. This study can therefore be considered an intermediate HSPA study that will focus on patients with chronic diseases. 

The objectives of the study will be to inform health authorities about the performance of the health care system with respect to chronic patients and the differences in performance between chronic and non-chronic patients, to provide information for policy planning, and to lay the foundation for monitoring this aspect of performance over time.

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