Study 2021-54 (HSR) Integrated care

Ongoing study - In order to formulate recommendations for future integrated care policy, a study will be performed in which the current maturity of integrated care in Belgium will be assessed.

To assess the current maturity of integrated care in Belgium we will use a multimodal approach based on: 

  1. An analysis of integrated care aims reported in health/welfare policy documents from the federal government and the governments of federated entities combined with the input from key persons from the authorities and the project leaders of the pilot projects on integrated care to get an overview of the current policies.
  2. An assessment of stakeholders' perception of the integrated care development achievement in the different regions. This assessment will be performed by using an online survey to stakeholders who organise care (e.g. a care council in a primary health care zone, a group of general practitioners, a pharmacists' association, OCMW,...) as well as to stakeholders involved in the policy and financing of care. The survey will be based on the Scirocco tool.
  3. Based on the results of these two first steps, barriers and facilitators regarding the development of integrated care in Belgium as well as elements of solutions will be identified. This part of the study will be performed through discussion groups organized in different locations throughout Belgium. The most relevant barrier to overcome will be challenged by the evidence in the literature. 
  4. The assessment of patients' perception of the integrated care will be performed by using the online PACIC questionnaire completed by an evaluation of respondents' quality of live via the EQ5D-5L scale.

All the previous building blocks will be used to formulate concrete and stakeholder-driven action points for the different decision-makers. During a Delphi consultation, the importance, acceptability, feasibility, and actors in charge of the action points will be tested in key representatives of the authorities, patient organizations and relevant professional groups. 

For the implementation of this study, we are cooperating with a consortium composed by ShiftN, the UCLouvain, PAQS, the consultancy firm Hict and the firm specialised in conducting survey Profacts.

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