Study 2017-16 (HSR) Horizon scanning on the evolution of supply and demand for midwives

Ongoing study - This project aims to support the Planning Cell (Federal Public Service of Health, Food Chain Security and Environment) in its mission regarding the measurement and forecasting of the future midwifery workforce.

Practically, 3 technical reports will be produced by KCE to reach this objective. The first technical report is dedicated to the Horizon Scanning task preparing the building of scenarios for the future.

The output of the first report is the identification of factors allowing to anticipate diverse evolutions that may affect the future midwifery workforce (modification in healthcare needs, service needs, health professional needs, technological innovations, care decentralisation, patient and health professional mobility…).

The second technical report will present the (narrative) scenarios based on the factors identified throughout the Horizon Scanning phase.  

The third technical report will deal with the quantification of the scenarios with the current data and their expected and supposed evolution.


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