Which tools does KCE Trials provide to support clinical research in our country?

One of the assignments of KCE Trials is to support Belgian clinicians in large-scale clinical trials. In this context, the KCE trials team first performed an audit at the Clinical Trials Units of the main Belgian hospitals. After evaluating their capacity to sponsor a randomized multicentre study, KCE Trials organizes workshops for them several times a year.

The KCE Trials team also developed and improved useful tools for clinical trials:

  • a budget tool to calculate the budget for a pragmatic randomized multicentre clinical trial. Thanks to this tool, all clinical studies in the program are funded in the same way. The tool was published in open access in the journal Trials.
  • The online software EDGE, with which the patient recruitment of all ongoing studies in the hospitals can be followed in real time. This significantly improves the day-to-day management of the KCE Trials studies.
  • The dynamic tables (dashboards) with which everyone can follow the recruitment of patients (in hospitals) almost in real time, based on the data entered in EDGE.

Numerous other resources are also available to researchers:

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