KCE does not always have the necessary expertise in-house or does not have enough resources to execute all studies. Therefore it subcontracts a number of its studies, either entirely or partially, by means of a public tender.

Also in such cases, KCE remains responsible for the coordination and supervision of the project.

A call for tender is the official announcement of a (partially) subcontracted study for potentially interested collaborators or teams. The call for tender is published in the Bulletin des Adjudications/ Bulletin der Aanbestedingen (on the e-Notification platform)

The selection procedure occurs in two steps. 1st step : selecting a short list of three candidates The selection panel assesses the suitability of the application on the basis of the experience and reputation of the candidates. This first selection occurs on the basis of the following information, which should be detailed in the reply to the call for tender:     the scientific reputation of the team     its competence in the field of interest     the multidisciplinary composition and skills of the individuals that will work on the project     the ability to work in a network

Programme management
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