2021/February - Latest news from KCE Trials

This month we are very happy to announce the successful completion of recruitment for the DAWN Plasma study. Results of this study are keenly  awaited, as are the results of the COVAID study which finished recruitment in December 2020. If positive, these two studies could offer new treatment possibilities for hospitalised covid-19 patients. Researchers and sites are working hard to deliver results as fast as possible.   

We take this opportunity to announce that we will open our 2021 investigator led call in May, as in previous years. A strengthening workshop for potential applicants will be organized in June; all information will be available next month. 

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The Covid-19 fast-track rolling call for clinical studies is still open for applications. The scope has been broadened to include vaccine studies, and priority in selection process will now be given to organisation of/participation to international initiatives.



Our 6th national call for proposals will open in May 2021, and will have the same scope and eligibility criteria as the 2020 investigator led call. A strengthening workshop will be organised online in June, as last year. 


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Progress in funded studies

We are happy to announce the following important milestones have been reached in the trials below:

DAWN Plasma study
Recruitment completed
  The DAWN Plasma study has recruited 489 patients in 21 centres over 9 months ! The study investigates the impact of administering 4 units of plasma from cured covid-19 patients to hospitalized covid-19 patients. The Chief Investigator is Dr Geert Meyfroidt (UZ Leuven). Results will be available in the next few months.  Read more>>
OptiMEDs pilot study
Results available
  OptiMEDs is a complex intervention for multidisciplinary medication review in nursing homes, with ICT-support for the evaluation of the appropriateness of prescribing. A summary of the results of the pilot study are available on our website (publication is under review). Dr Thierry Christiaens (U Gent) was the Chief Investigator. The pilot study recruited 148 residents from 3 nursing homes. Read more>>
DOMINO study
Results available soon
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  DOMINO study recruited newly managed IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) patients in primary care and compared treatment with a musculotropic spasmolytic agent, otilonium bromide (OB), to a patient-administered dietary intervention. The study enrolled 483 patients The Chief Investigator of the study is Dr. Jan Tack. Read more>>

Results of the study will be presented during an online Symposium on the 1st April at 20h. You can register to the symposium via the QR Code.
Read more>>
Foot Drop pilot study
Contract signed
The Foot Drop trial is a pilot study to evaluate the feasibility of a prospective, multi-center, randomized, parallel-group controlled trial to compare conservative versus surgical treatment of foot drop in peroneal nerve entrapment. The chief investigator is Dr Tom Theys (UZ Leuven). Read more>>

The KCE Trials complete portfolio comprises 33 studies. more info>> 



The last scientific publications are presented here.

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