2021/July - Latest news from KCE Trials

EQ-5D-5L value set for Belgium 

The KCE has recently produced an EQ-5D-5L value set for Belgium, based on the preferences of a representative sample of the general public. The EQ-5D is a generic health-related quality of life (HRQoL) instrument, whose use is widespread in clinical research and explicitly encouraged by the Belgian guidelines for health economic evaluations. The value set assigns utilities to health states and allows e.g. to calculate QALYs gained with a health intervention. A two-page summary in Dutch or French highlights the key points of the value set, while detailed information can be found on the KCE website. A virtual meeting will be organized on 1 October 2021. Watch the KCE website for more information on this meeting.

Closed call: treatment modalities for long COVID patients 

The fast-track call for proposals on treatment modalities for long COVID patients closed 15th June 2021. We received 8 applications, of which 5 will move to the next step and are invited to submit a Full Research Proposal. 

Other current calls remain open 

The KCE Trials 2021 investigator-led call remains open for submissions. For full information on inclusion and exclusion criteria, as well as selection and prioritisation criteria, please visit our website here. The deadline for submission is 14th September 2021, 13:00.

The 1st KCE Trials commissioning call for proposals on treatment in newly diagnosed multiple myeloma patients receiving the DRd regimen is open since the 1st June 2021. For full information, including inclusion and exclusion, as well as selection criteria, please visit our website here. The deadline for submission is 9th September 2021, 13:00.Submissions to these two calls should be done via the KCE Trials research management platform (http://kce.smartsimple.ie/).

Progress in funded studies

We are happy to announce the following important milestones have been reached in the trials below:

Recruitment Complete
  On the 22nd June 2021 the last participant was enrolled in the IMCOVAS study, assessing the immunogenicity and safety of marketed vaccines for COVID-19 after regular schedule and adapted vaccine schedules and routes.
The study is led by Dr Katie Steenackers and her team in the centre for vaccination evaluation of U Antwerpen with the participation of ULB Erasme, ITM and UZ Gent.

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DAWN Camostat 
First patient included

  On 21st June 2021 the first patient was randomised in the DAWN Camostat study: the efficacy of camostat for COVID-19 infections presenting to ambulatory care: a randomized controlled trial. 
The study is led by Prof Ann Van den Bruel and her team at ACHG, KU Leuven. 
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First patient included
  On the 4th June 2021 the first patient was randomised in the C-EASIE study: Early administration of Vitamin C in patients with sepsis or septic shock in emergency departments: a multicentre, double blinded, randomised controlled trial.
The study is led by Dr Didier Desruelles and Dr Stefanie Vandervelden and their team in UZ Leuven with the participation of AZ Turnhout, CHU de Liège, CHU St Pierre, ULB Erasme, GZA Antwerpen and UZ Brussel.
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The KCE Trials complete portfolio comprises 35 studies. more info>> 




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