2020/February - Latest news from KCE Trials

  • 5 februari 2020

Recent news from the KCE Trials programme:

Two new calls for studies will open in 2020

We will open our yearly national investigator-led call for studies in June 2020 (for a total budget of approximately 8 million €). We are also happy to announce that, after the success of the BeNeFIT call (Belgium-Netherlands Funding of International Trials, in collaboration with ZonMw), a second BeNeFIT call will be launched after the summer.

For those two calls, more info will be posted on our website and sent to those subscribed to our mailing list (if someone forwards you this e-mail, you can subscribe yourself here).

Publication on the KCE budget tool: “Budgeting of non-commercial clinical trials: development of a budget tool by a public funding agency”
The tool was developed to make the budgeting of a clinical trial efficient, transparent and fair across applicants. The paper is available in open access, in the Trials journal (issue 20, 2019). You can read the full paper here.

KCE Trials portfolio (funded studies)
Eighteen clinical trials have been or are being funded by the KCE Trials Programme since 2016. You can follow recruitment in these studies on our dynamic dashboards (currently only for studies in hospital setting).

The last four contracts recently signed will allow the following studies to start recruitment of patients in 2020:

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