Funded trials

Klinische studies open voor recrutering
Recruitment in KCE Trials funded studies - dynamic dashboards

Click here to access the dynamic dashboards on recruitment status of studies funded by KCE Trials Programme in Belgian hospitals.

  • On the first dashboard, you can find all KCE Trials funded studies in your hospital
  • On the second dashboard, you can find the number of patients recruited by study and by recruiting site
  • On the third dashboard, you can watch the fish growing as and when patients are recruited !

These dashboards are updated every Friday, based on the data entered in EDGE Belgium by study coordinators of the different recruiting sites. Trials that are recruiting patients in primary care or in other settings (nursing homes, mental health centres) will be added to these dashboards soon.


EDGE is a full web-based Clinical Trials Management System (developed and used initially in the UK) that can be used to support commercial and non-commercial studies in hospitals. KCE pays the basic license fee for the software (with no restriction on the number of users) for hospitals participating in the KCE Trials Programme. Currently, 17 hospitals in Belgium are EDGE subscribers and have access to all functionalities to test the system. Please contact us at trials'at' if your hospital is interested in this possibility.