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KCE Trials 2019 investigator-led call

On 6th June 2019, a fourth KCE Trials call for proposals will open

KCE Trials programme update - January 2019

The KCE Trials team presents you its “pragmatic but yet robust” best wishes for 2019.

Real-world evidence: randomised trials in daily practice - 2nd KCE Trials symposium

KCE Trials selects and funds randomised trials on medical interventions in real life, called pragmatic practice-oriented trials. But how to design such trials? What are the challenges to conduct them and why are they important for healthcare policy decisions? What are registry-based randomised trials?

KCE symposium on publicly-funded pragmatic practice-oriented clinical trials

KCE Trials would like to thank all speakers and everyone who attended their symposium on publicly funded pragmatic trials on Wednesday 12th October 2016 in...

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