KCE Trials works closely together with public bodies funding trials in other countries and takes part in international initiatives on comparative effectiveness, pragmatic clinical research and publicly-funded trials.

Within the framework of the KCE Trials Programme, KCE will select and fund trials but will not conduct them. A call for expression of interest or submission of a research outline is published on the KCE website and potential sponsors can submit their application. The role of the trial sponsor (the person or organisation who takes responsibility for the initiation and management of the trial) is taken by a hospital or institution that is qualified to be a sponsor of non-commercial clinical research according to the Law of May 7th, 2004 on experiments on the human person...

The KCE Trials programme strongly recommends to have patients and public actively involved in the design of the study. This can include, for example, involvement in the choice of the research topic, choice of outcomes, assisting in the design, advising on the feasibility of the research etc. Further information and resources can be found on the website of INVOLVE, a programme funded by the National Institute for Health Research (UK) to support active public involvement in NHS, public health and social care research: Other useful links

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