Our methods and procedures

All KCE studies are performed according to strictly codified procedures that are fully written out in our regularly updated Process Book.

In each of its studies, KCE systematically invites interested stakeholders to participate to gather their opinions on the subject. These meetings tend to improve and professionalise the interface between the scientific world and the decision-makers in the field of health care. 

All KCE reports are submitted to three external validators, at least one of which is international. These validators are chosen among recognised experts from the field. They are expected to validate the methodology, the data and the scientific conclusions of the work, but the policy recommendations are not their responsibility.

Each KCE report is published on our website within one month of approval by the Board of Directors. For each report, a separate, specific page is created. Depending on the level of interest, the reader can choose between different options: The scientific report with the full description of the research, the methodological details and the results. This report is always written in English because it is the language of the scientific world (Belgian and international) and the working language of our research teams, which are often language-mixed.

RIGHTS OF REPRODUCTION AND DISSEMINATION OF KCE PUBLICATIONS Unless explicitly mentioned otherwise, KCE documents are published under a “by/nc/nd” Creative Commons Licence (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/be/deed.en). This licence allows reproduction (1), distribution and communication of the work to the general public under the following rules:   “by” = Attribution 

KCE is very much attached to its independence and neutrality. Its policy on conflicts of interest is therefore clear and transparent: Our researchers may not conduct any professional activities outside KCE that may lead to a conflict of interest. All external partners participating in a KCE project as subcontractor, external expert, or validator are requested to sign a declaration of conflicts of interest, and conflicts of interest (if any) are listed in the relevant report.

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